How to Open a BDO ATM Savings Account

Opening a BDO ATM account is fast and easy.  Here are the steps on how to open a BDO ATM account.
  1. Prepare the following BDO ATM account requirements:
    • 2 valid IDs
    • 2 1x1 ID pictures
    • 2,000 Php initial deposit
  2. Visit your preferred BDO branch and proceed to the new account opening section of the bank.  Inform the bank officer that you will be opening a BDO ATM account.  Submit the requirements except for the initial deposit.
  3. The bank officer will ask you to fill out a number of forms for you new account application. 
  4. The bank officer will photocopy your IDs and will ask for your initial deposit. 
  5. A cash deposit slip will be handed to you containing your newly created BDO account number along with the amount of your initial deposit. 
  6. The bank officer will inform you that your new BDO ATM card will be ready for pick-up in 7 business days.  Ensure to bring your IDs and the cash deposit slip when claiming your new BDO ATM card. 
Note that BDO Savings Account does not come with a passbook.  If you prefer open a passbook account, required initial deposit is 5,000 Php.

The BDO Peso ATM Account (without passbook)
Minimum Monthly Average Daily Balance Requirement 2,000 Php
Service Charge for Falling Below Minimum MADB Requirement Php 300.00
Minimum Balance to Earn Interest 5,000 Php
Interest rate per annum 0.2500%